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Historical Fiction
This stunning novel tells of one boy's search for the winning free throw. Now available wherever books are sold.
"As with the best historical fiction, this breathes life into an important era in U.S. history....[A] promising debut." -- Kirkus Reviews

Now available wherever books are sold!

This stunning novel tells of one boy's search for answers -- and the winning free throw.
"I was the one who always felt out of place, the same way the littered boulders of the abandoned quarry looked out of place on our otherwise productive farm."

It's 1923, and Andy Soaring is the best basketball player in Pierre, Indiana. He dreams of leading his high school team to the Indiana state tournament. If only he could be a basketball star, maybe he could begin to feel as if he truly belonged to his family. But when Andy lets his pride get in the way -- over a girl, no less -- all bets are off.

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A promising basketball player in his small Indiana town, Andy enters high school in 1923 and joins the varsity team. A rivalry with another boy prompts Andy to take a reckless dare, leading to a broken arm and collarbone. Sidelined, Andy finds a new outlet for his knowledge of basketball: reporting on his team's games for the local newspaper. Meanwhile, as Andy struggles with first love, jealously, and a dangerous secret, his family continues to cope with the death of their oldest son and faces the possibility of losing their farm. The many strands of the plot and subplot could have easily gotten out of hand, but Collier weaves the into an involving novel with a full, varied cast of convincing characters. The use of Andy's newspaper editor to signal his often biased reporting of the games sheds an intriguing sidelight on the first-person narrative. The book concludes with four pages of historical notes and the original rules of basketball.